Mission statement of
Daddy Desktop,
not written to be boring
or only self-serving
To help:
Marketing executives conscripted to do graphic design.
Or desktop publishers early in their design career.

People who used to say,
I can't draw a straight line,

can now become desktop publishers, can now draw a box and add a drop shadow. We say,
Software ain't talent.

We can help you.
With design training.
With creative consultation.
With custom templates.
Discreetly. Pleasantly. Productively.

On the one hand, the advent of desktop publishing has ushered amateurs and semipros into visual communication. On the other hand, DTP can be empowering.

Please ask how we may help you produce work that looks good and meets business objectives.

We love to identify problems.
We love to solve problems.
We love graphic design.
We love creativity.
We love typography.

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