Desktop publishing consultant

Don’t get mad at us for saying this

Desktop publishers are not full-fledged designers.
Desktop publishers are not professional copywriters.

Facts are facts.

Many in-house designers are true, trained, professional designers.
If so, we're not talking about you.

But if you're a technical or production person who's been asked to to do desktop publishing (DTP),

or if you're an exec with a small company who's been inducted to be an instant desktop publisher for a brochure or ad, while also doing your regular job, this does apply.

You may be computer technical people, assistants, even executives or owners of a small company.
You may believe your education or tech skill means you can write or design effective sales literature or ads or Web sites.

Is that what you were hired to do? Trained to do? What you do best?
Are you being paid to be an executive or an amateur designer?

Technology ain't talent.
Technology ain't typography.

Some may resent this. But do you think just anyone can do your job from a standing start, if at all? We don't think just anyone can do ours either.

Ideally you'd do only what you do best. But:

If you are suddenly obligated to write or design marketing materials.
If your budget does not support enlisting a full-time professional.
The solution is a few hours of friendly and inexpensive Daddy Desktop (a service of Listen, Write, Design,) consultation and help. Via phone or iChat or email.

The bottom–line equation:

If doing that creative project totally in-house might cause iffy results,
and if hiring an outside professional puts you outside your budget,

bring in Daddy Desktop to consult for a few hours now and then,
and gain professional enhancement on a modest budget. $262.50 for a
3-hour consult. We can also create custom templates for you alone.

Email us a heads-up with a PDF if you wish!

You'll get back all or some of these:
Layout suggestions done by hand (usually 24–48 hours).
Example: Before&After drop caps

You'll get back:
Sample type we set for you on the computer (usually 24–48 hours).
Example: Before&After typesetting

You'll get back:
Copywriting suggestions and commentary (usually 24–48 hours).
Example: Before&After writing headlines

You'll get back:
A note explaining what we suggested and why (usually 24–48 hours). The note will be in Plain English and easy to follow, not vague and vaguer.

It's easy:
Call. 980.245.2323.
Set up iChat and share files in real time.
Or email us a PDF.

It's professional:
Your work will communicate and persuade.
And get done sooner too.

It's fun:
Daddy Desktop maintains his sense of humor.
(OK. Like many designers he can be a nitpicker.)

The downside:
They'll want you to write and design more.
But the downside can become the upside.

More tough talk:

Remember: Most professional print and Web designers and agency art directors went to a professional art college to study life drawing and painting and sculpture and anatomy and art history and color theory and graphic design and three-dimensional design and advertising design and etching and lithography and typography and calligraphy and print production and Web design, and learned to be visual communicators.

So if you think software is all you need, and recognizing that I speak from my own professional pride and ethic, please respect the difference.

Doing what you do best, is best.
Software ain't talent.

Some sweet talk:
About our basic services.
About our most advanced service.