Daddy Desktop desktop publisher in-house consultant

Daddy Desktop basic service.
a service of Listen, Write, Design, . Via phone, iChat, email.

If doing the creative work totally in-house might cause iffy results,

and if hiring an outside design professional puts you outside your budget,

bring in our Daddy Desktop service to consult for a few hours now and then, and gain professional enhancement on a modest budget.

Basic package, a 3–hour consult for $262.50.

Call 980.245.2323 or email a PDF of your work-in-progress.

You'll get back all or some:

Layout and design suggestions done freehand (usually 24–48 hours).
Example: Before&After drop caps

Sample type we set for you on the computer (usually 24–48 hours).
Example: Before&After typesetting

Copywriting suggestions and commentary (usually 24–48 hours).
Example: Before&After headlines

A note explaining what we suggested and why (usually 24–48 hours).

It's easy:
If time and software permit, we can set up iChat and share files. Call 980.245.2323. Easier, email us a PDF.

It's professional:
Your work will communicate and persuade. And get done sooner too.

It's fun:
Daddy Desktop aka Larry Miller maintains his sense of humor. He can be quite funny. But can't remember jokes beyond "Decisions," "Soup," and ...

The downside:
They'll ask you to write and design more.
The downside can become
the upside.

Beyond basic services.
Pictures. Printers. Deadly deadlines. Same fee schedule as basic services. Different suggestions.

Crop bad photos better.
What do you do when forced to work with photos that are poorly cropped or boring or blurry or out-of-focus or whose color is munged?

Most newsletters and company publications depend on photos to get people to actually read the stuff. Bad photos are not your ally. When your photos look good, you look good. And viewers continue to look at them and to read the captions.

Daddy Desktop will show you a little trick that makes many awful photos useful and exciting, and it has nothing to do with Photoshop.

You can master it in a few minutes. 980.245.2323 if you can't wait.

Side benefit: The more good photos you use, and the bigger you can use them, the less copy you have to write, proof, edit, and rewrite.

Select the right creative vendor.
Daddy Desktop will guide you on selection of
art: illustrators, stock art, clip-art —
photo: photographers, stock—
production: printers, prepress vendors.

Of course nothing is better than your own file of talent whose work you know, and whom you can call on.

Daddy Desktop will help you negotiate prices based on usage, style, content, rights and payments. Help, but you do the negotiating.

We'll help you deal with "artistic temperament" in a productive way. (For example: what if the illustrator has stayed up all night to meet a tough deadline. He brings it in at 08:30 sharp. And you hate it. Not good! We can help.) (Probably.)

Our files are extensive, local and national, including digital artists and files, stock photographs, and samples on paper.

Including hundreds of samples of paper stock.

This requires time for judgment, calls to vendors, waiting for callbacks, judgment, your approvals, waiting for callbacks, judgment, and patience. So please don't ask for this function at the last minute. Thank you.

To chat, 980.245.2323.

We create you produce.
Or you create we produce.

We create you produce.
Your layout is good but you need a better idea, a better headline, a better pitch. Our Daddy Desktop service will respect what you have done that is still working, and develop a communication concept — words and visuals — that ties in as much as possible with your existing work, but steps outside it to produce a more powerful piece.

Then you will finish the project.


You create we produce.
Your idea is good but you need stronger layout. Ask Daddy Desktop to polish and finish the ad. We'll take your file, if technically possible, and rework it. If you are local, come here and watch and kibitz (if you are not allergic to the cats gainfully employed here). Bring a book.

Then Daddy Desktop will finish the project.

E.R. deadline service for deadly ads.
The courier is en route in an hour to get your ad CD to the publication or printer. Or your email deadline is ticking. Or already on extension.

It's the ad's Last Chance Saloon.

You suddenly find your ad is wanting. Your gut says:

The headline is wrong.
Or the mood is wrong.
Or the layout.
Or the body copy.
Or the photo or art.
Or the pitch.
Or the offer.
Or something.

Daddy Desktop will drop everything to make your ad work better (on tight deadline extension). It may take a few hours or all night. You will end up with a much more effective ad. It ain't cheap because it is superrush/drop everything/give up dinner and evening plans and maybe work the red-eye shift.

$275/hour, 3–hour minimum = $825,

if one person can do it. If creative plus technical people are needed, the cost will reflect that.

Trust our gut. Over the years, we've learned to.

You study design.
Whole day.
Half day.
Serious series.

In-house training for one or more.
Typography, use of space, grids, thinking like a designer, thinking like a client, how to sell and protect your ideas.

Take note, for a little break from reading.

Includes maybe working on some of your pre-existing project files as an exercise.

Click the "You study design" link at left for details.

Refine your typography.
Times Roman
= boring typography.


Help you select the best typeface.
Many DTPers use only the same two faces, or they go wild. Let us help you make choices, using our vast type library

Help upgrade your type layout via PDF.
Inexpensively. To 980.245.2323.

Refine actual typesetting to three levels:
1. Good. We provide written specs you use to make your own stuff better. At our hourly rate.
2. Better. We do the work to upgrade your actual typesetting. Our hourly rate plus 15 percent but more hours.
3. Best. We work with the best outside type shops. Expensive.

Click the "Refine your typography" link at left for details.

If it's too much to digest,
please email or call Daddy Desktop for clarification
Phone 980.245.2323