Design marketing executive consultant

Design of complete project

Listen, Write, Design,
is our full–scale creative service,
with over 100 national awards.
We handle complete projects at 980.245.2323.

1. Strategy
always the first step?)—

Frankly, Step 1 might be to make sure the problem the client provides is properly defined.

2. Creative concept
always the next first step)—

3. Copy, design, typography
general creativity) — and

4. (Last) prepress, production.
We'll follow through on production matters unless your staff includes a production pro.

Speak of following through, our name ends with a comma because after all the work is done, we learn more after the marketplace tells us the truth.

For ad, Web, campaign, collateral, catalog, logo, corporate and sales literature.

(1) In-house coordination.
Services and products.


(1) In-house coordination.
Retail companies.

You have (1) an ad agency.
You have (2) in-house creative.
You have (3) freelancers.


You have (3) three conflicting cultures.
You have (3) three conflicting directions.


You have (1) one bottomless headache.
We have (1) one speedy suggestion. 980.245.2323.

You study design.
One full day.
Or a serious series.

The Executive As Designer

One full–day class
Five Saturday classes

Please peruse these options and then, if you wish, phone us at 980.245.2323.

Web page design.
We provide consultation and you implement it.

We'll make suggestions you carry out. Like our basic Daddy Desktop service on print projects.

We'll focus on creating or modifying a site for you
that looks easy to use and
that is easy to use,
not focus on pages and sites
that look like a telephone book.

We'll focus on

simplicity and

Part-time Corporate Creative Director.
The in-house creative department gets it done.
But something creative is missing. 

Some companies
are just big enough
to want and need an experienced Creative Director to supervise design and advertising they prefer to create in-house, but

are just small enough
that they can't lay out the big bucks for a full-time creative heavyweight.

Listen, Write, Design, parent of Daddy Desktop, offers an affordable in-between method, tailored to your needs and budget. Call to talk about this interesting creative approach. Or email us.

We may need to meet.

But if it's deadline now and things don't work, click here.


Strategy matters.
Concept matters.
Design matters.
In the end,
bad typography can ruin it,
great typography makes it work.

Our specialty. Our passion.
Your requirement on every job.

Every project requires typesetting. Great typography sets you apart from the run-of-the-mill visual material we're all flooded with.

Here's proof. Our population ia aging, which means type needs to be a readable size. Look in print media. How many ads, how many Web sites, how much editorial text, have hard-to-read tiny type, or icy–thin type on a busy background?

You can be creative, you can be tasteful, and you can also achieve readability.

If this page is too much to digest,
contact us for clarification and good humor
Phone 980.245.2323